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tall as the grass in the meadow

just wanted to share some vintage calling cards i found at an estate sale last weekend ~ aren't they amazing?? that middle one is a little envelope that holds a tiny name card. stunning! makes today's business cards look pretty plain!

tomorrow is my birthday (woohoo!) so i'm going to take a few days away from the computer to hang out with some of my favorite people and do a few of my favorite things. hope you have a lovely week!

{let your love grow tall ~ passion pit}


my hands are blessed

how gorgeous is poppytalk handmade's newest market: here comes the sun?? i've already discovered a handful of my new favorite shops (including sara hearn, lily moon and tastes orangey). i'm so excited to be participating!

this week is my birthday (on thursday) ~ woohoo! my favorite week of the entire year! plus it's in the loveliest month (in my humble opinion). it's supposed to get warm this week, so i hope to indulge in all of my favorite summery things: ice cream, bike rides, cherries, snow cones, twinkle lights, grilling out, strawberries, camp fires, nutella smores, maybe even some swimming. and for my birthday i asked my awesome boyfriend for a chicken coop ~ crossing my fingers for one like this (so cute!), or this (the living roof! amazing) or my dream coop (circus chickens!).

hope you're having a great monday!

images: sara hearn, lily moon, tastes orangy

{sun hands ~ local natives}

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lean your ladder against my window

i used to make gifts for people all the time, but for some reason i haven't done it in a while. recently one of my sisters needed some cheering up, and even though she lives far away i wanted to send her some love, so i decided to make my own personalized version of kim welling's absolutely inspired instant comfort boxes.

i covered a small matchbox with vintage wallpaper, printed out a tiny copy of an old photo of my sister and i (that's me on the right - a little blondie!), then added some scalloped paper trim on the sides and typed out "everything will be ok" on green paper. now whenever she needs to smile she can just open this tiny box and hopefully it'll remind her that someone on the other side of the country loves her, oh so much.

that top photo is of some pretty flowers i spotted when i was out to lunch with a friend last week. the bottom photo is of some gorgeous chairs that i spotted at an estate sale a few weeks ago (that unfortunately were too expensive to bring home with me).

it's chilly and rainy here today, so i'm taking the opportunity to be lazy, catch up on magazines, eat soup and drink hot chocolate. hope you're having a lovely weekend!

{ at my heels ~ twin shadow }

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