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ain't it wonderful feeling alright

i snuck my polaroid camera into the antique mall this weekend and took a bunch of pics. i'm pretty sure a few people thought they caught me shoplifting, stuffing pictures into my pocket. i was worried when we moved to portland (from iowa) that the thrifting / antiquing would be more picked through, or at least pricey-er. fortunately it's almost the opposite as long as you hit the right spots, which thanks to 7 months of dedicated research i've found some good ones. it doesn't hurt that we live in a neighborhood known for it's antique stores.

wanted to say thanks to jessica for featuring my little shop on her blog today. she's such a great supporter of independent artists / crafts-persons. it's hard when you're doing something as remote and impersonal as an online shop, any interaction or positive feedback is so appreciated. :)
i also noticed one of my photos on sfgirlbybay the other day - !!! it's little but it's there, the cupcakes towards the bottom! i remember shooting that, after i pulled the flower out of the frosting i noticed tons of tiny white bugs on the underside of the petals. yeah, i threw that cupcake out.

(title from "dreamer" by jenn grant - check it out on itunes)

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sally jean

so pam garrison just posted a link to sally jean alexander's new (to me) blog, which i've been devouring all morning. and i discovered two things: sally jean lives in portland and has a studio in the pearl district, and sally jean likes my photos. !!!!! that's right, in that tiny little flickr favorites grouping on the left sidebar of her blog are three of my photos! i'm bouncing in my chair, i'm so excited. sally jean's style has been such an inspiration to me, i was just flipping through her wonderful book yesterday for ideas. i even did a page in my moleskine about her a year and a half ago! now i just need to meet her and maybe even (crossing fingers) spend some time in that amazing studio of hers.

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tiny rainbows

my ridiculously talented friend jade is having a crazy sale through feb 2nd, her gorgeous jewelry is all *1/2 off*. her pieces are seriously like little colorful works of art, so gorgeous. i'm definitely going to be getting some to add to my collection. visit her shop before they disappear!

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