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more love

i *love* old books. i love new books too but old books more. the dusty smell, the faded, speckled crumbling textures, the amazing images or designs or fonts. i love everything about them, even when they're mouse-chewed or mildew-stained or marked up (hopefully with a fountain pen a hundred years ago, or by a child with a pencil). my old library had a book sale twice a year and i would always go straight for the "old books" table. i'd scoop up as many as my box would hold, take them home and slowly look through them. just writing about it i'm craving that smell.

we went for a hike in the amazingly gorgeous forest park today. it was one of the most perfect days i've experienced in portland, even the part where an enthusiastic dog on the trail jumped up on me covering my pants with muddy footprints. not to be repetitive, but did i happen to mention my love for oregon? ;)

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i (heart) day #2

i love green tea. stash decaf green tea with honey is my favorite, love it. my perfect breakfast (when matt isn't here to make something fancy) is green tea, 2 eggs over hard and toast with marionberry jam (by the way, i'd never heard of marionberries until i moved to oregon). yum.
speaking of, i love oregon. i love my neighborhood, i love taking walks and seeing *green plants* in winter, moss so thick on the trees it looks like fur. i love that i can take walks in february without getting frostbite! i love the "rain" here (drizzle), i love the park by my house that has bird neighborhoods: seagulls in one part, crows in another, ducks here and geese there. i love how all of the houses look different and people seem to express their creativity more. i love that i can walk to the library or the grocery store or my studio or the antique mall or the amusement park or the best margherita pizza in portland. i knew i would like it here but man, i just really love it.

thanks to molly ruth for the mention, and also for linking to this hilariousness.

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connecting in between your sweet heart and mine

i am one lucky girl. suann did a gorgeous post on her lovely blog simplesong about me, and bb-blog linked to my heart flags as well. then jenny thoughtfully alerted me a mention on apt therapy - !!!! to top it all off my talented jeweler friend jade sent me not one but two gorgeous pairs of earrings - i positively adore them both, she knows me so well.
i had planned on starting tomorrow (going through valentine's day) doing daily posts about things i love (with photographic evidence of course), but i've decided to start tonight:
i love my niece nika. i was honored to be there when she was born, i took care of her full time when she was just a few months old, i lived within an hour of her for 7 1/2 years (until we moved to portland 6 months ago). and she's sick, like might-have-to-spend-some-time-in-the-hospital sick. i get to see her in three weeks, but tonight i just wanted to send her my love.
all of my love.

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