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i (heart) day 6

i love guerilla art. portland is such an amazing, creative city, it seems like if you pay attention guerilla art is everywhere. i love the guerilla art kit by keri smith, so many great ideas. i love the idea of people sharing their ideas and thoughts creatively in public. i love the house down the street that probably has 50 bird houses hanging from their trees. i love that someone decided to do something fun with their half-knit projects, and it's spread around the globe. of course i love this. and yes, i walk around with a heart-shaped punch mauling people's greenery. ;)

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but he just took polaroids of her smile in the light

i know my timing sucks (or maybe it's ironically appropriate), but i love my polaroid cameras. the sx-70 matt got me this past holiday was my favorite present (tied with the my so-called life box set). i love how it folds down flat. i love its amazing depth of field. i love pulling the empty film cartridge out and shoving a new one in. i love the looks people give you (either the "ok crazy lady" look or the "sweet, an old school polaroid!" look). i love looking through the viewfinder and then focusing and then... whoosh! a lovely little photo pops out! ok it's not a photo yet, gotta wait a minute. well, two minutes. ok, go do something else for a bit... there, a lovely little photo! now, will someone *please* keep making polaroid film???

i'm selling postcards of some of my favorite photos on my shop, check them out if only for the cute (if i do say so myself) photo styling. :)


all your secret wishes could right now be coming true

i love movies with good music. anything by wes anderson, michel gondry, cameron crowe, baz luhrmann. good will hunting, love actually, badly drawn boy, garden state, juno, music & lyrics (ha!), donnie darko. and quirky scores: amelie, crash, eternal sunshine & i heart huckabees (both by jon brion), motorcycle diaries & brokeback mountain (gustavo santaolalla). i don't know what it is, the combination of a good movie and good music just makes me so happy. (in looking for pictures for this post i found this - what a crazy little time trip!)
ps - sorry about the late post, i'll be doing another one tonight!

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