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sail me to the moon before it's too late

just wanted to say thanks for reading along this past week. i'm taking a little break, visiting my sister in nevada for a week (i can't wait to see this cutie!), plus we'll take a little road trip to visit another sister (+ her cutie!). i'll be back... take care!

ps - how amazing are these gorgeous crocus popping up in my yard in freaking february?!

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love and some verses

i love my family. i love honesty. i love flickr. i love people who comment on my blog. ;) i love hanging out with my husband. i love that we've been together for almost 13 years. i love my iphone. i love that i live in a time when iphones exist. i love mint green vespas. i love pb&j cracker sandwiches. i love eye candy. i love that i've accepted that i only get magazines for the pictures, and i love that i'm ok with that. i love that my niece nika could sing the lyrics to long way around when she was five ("drank with the irish, smoked with the hippies"). i love that the harry potter movies are as good as the books. i love that i live almost 2000 miles away from my family and i still communicate with them on a daily basis. i love that it's february and there are lovely yellow crocuses growing in my front yard. i love swap buddies. i love that the stupid writers strike is over so they'll be making more dexters soon. i love that i'm friends with my siblings. i love mix cds. i love chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven. i love libraries. i love people who love animals enough not to eat them. i love my nieces. i love that i get to see all of them (who i haven't seen since thanksgiving) in the next two weeks. i love vancouver. i love that my husband is a geek so i get a cool blog. i love photobooths. i love strong women. i love men who love strong women. i love bananas with a little green on them. i love whistling that one part in "me and julio down by the schoolyard". i love thrifting with my friend kris. i love the power of "thank you" or "i'm sorry." i love reciprocal inspiration. i love that i know how to code links. i love road trips. i love that i'm able to be an artist full time. i love the song heartbeats by jose gonzalez. i love that i've seen jose gonzalez play heartbeats live, and it was even better than the cd. i love that there's a place where people can share their secrets. i love that there's an entire day devoted soley to love, and i love that i'm over not taking advantage of that.

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only blue talk and love

i *love* thrift stores. i love flea markets, i love antique malls, i love any place where i get to dig through people's old crap and discover forgotten treasures. growing up we had to shop at 2nd hand stores and i just never stopped. during college i lived a block from a thrift store so at night my roommates and i would go dig through the dumpster. once i found a light bright, with pegs and everything!
last september i had the opportunity to go to paris and our week had been a bit of a disappointment (mainly because it was rainy and *freezing*). the day before we left my sister and i got up early to take the metro to le marché aux puces (literally "the market of fleas"). it was such a memorable experience: figuring out how to get there, finding the booths that weren't just plastic crap (made in china), discovering the most amazing old french clothes, dishes, books, scarves, shoes, fabric, papers, jewelry... and then haggling in a language i barely speak (which i actually did! all the guidebooks say to do it and i wasn't going to, but i did!). we barely tapped the surface and next time i'll reserve days (instead of hours), but it was a fabulous ending to the trip.

ps - i defy you to blast this song and *not* be shaking your booty by 1:03. seriously, try it, it's not humanly possible!

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