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our little ferret gizmo died friday night from complications from her surgery. it's just so weird, when i left she was here and now she's gone. we had her since she was 8 weeks old. she would've been 5 next week. i've learned a few things from this experience for the next time someone i know is dealing with a death:

- acknowledge it. sounds simple but it feels easier to ignore it sometimes.

- let them know you're there. you don't have to talk or be philosophical, just say "i'm sorry" and "i'm thinking about you."

i can't tell you how much it's meant to have people do those things. my sweet cousins even brought over flowers. i'm so thankful for them, and for everyone who has said kind words. matt wrote about giz here. she was a good kid and i'm so glad we got to have her in our lives.

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and the moon rose over an open field

i cannot tell you how excited i am for next monday, when i finally get to unpack and relax (at least for a few weeks). on that note, london was amazing of course (tons of pictures here!), and i can't wait for artfest to begin (i head up in a couple hours). even though the last 24 hours has been a mad scramble to get my supplies in order (holy messy studio!). also, our little ferret gizmo has to have surgery today, and olive will probably have to soon. :( thankfully their vet is amazing and knows what she's doing. anyway, thanks for putting up with these rare / random / quick posts, be back monday!

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gone before the sun had a chance to shine

headed to london in the morning, be back in a week!

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