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always starting over but somehow i always know where to begin

do you ever feel like just when you're making progress in certain areas you're totally losing grip on others? i've been so excited about organizing my studio (apparently a never-ending process) and making new goodies for the shop, then i look around and realize my inbox is overflowing, i haven't taken any photos in days, the house is a mess, my roots are atrocious, it's almost *may*... but at least i'm feeling productive! ;)

my friend jade informed me that my vintage postcard flags made the etsy front page last week - my first time! (if you're interested there's just one set left!) pretty cool.

that middle pic is one of my favorite polas ever, i was *this close* to putting it in the book. you can read more about that amazing crack here (and see a close up here).

ps - thanks to cory at sweet petula for the lovely post! :)

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i'd make a safe bet you're gonna get whatever you need

busy today turning in my final pics for for the love of light (plus getting ready for visitors) but wanted to share a few of my favorite recent polas (it's 'roid week!).

some random stuff: went to an eels show last week, had absolutely no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. instead of an opening act they showed the bbc doc parallel worlds, parallel lives, such a great way to get to know the act and have a new perspective on the songs, etc.

just happened to run into the lovely andrea of hulaseventy downtown the other day (by little finnegan's of course, home of my favorite pdx photobooth). she's even cuter in person, if you can believe it. :)

one more thing, my vintage postcard flags were on designsponge!

hope you're having a lovely, spring-y week!

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and what's worth keeping, sun still sinking

first, a huge thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts, comments, etc about giz. we had her little body cremated and scattered her ashes (along with a handful of magnolia petals) in the creek where we took her on walks. it was lovely, dusk and gorgeous out.

second, our sweet fuzzy olive has to have insulanoma surgery a week from today to remove a growth on her pancreas that is messing with her blood sugar levels. the vet tells us her surgery is so non-intrusive she won't even need antibiotics after, but it's still kinda scary. it'll be nice not to have to hand-feed her every few hours though.

so i haven't talked about artfest yet! honestly it was... interesting.

highlights: the ridiculously gorgeous port townsend (and the drive up there), taking two classes from the amazingly kind, funny and honest nina (she put me in her photo album!), spending time with my bff kris, making art for three whole days, meeting sweet tyn, julie and emily, going to tracy's lomo lecture, finding lots of heart rocks on the beach, selling both of my pieces at the gallery.

not so great: very absent house-mates (except for wonderful gretchen) and drama (blech), kris getting to take only one class (out of 9) of her top choices, crappy trades (sorry but a business card is not a trade!!! or if they are i spent *way* too much time on mine). overall it was a good experience (even if it got cut a little short) but i'm not positive i'd do it again. we'll see...

ps - i added my super-cute (if i do say so myself) little found-paper notebooks in my shop (with new designs coming soon!).

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