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love of light

just wanted to mention that the gorgeous book for the love of light: a tribute to the art of polaroid that i'm in is now available for ordering here. so exciting, and such a great group to be included in. thanks to the amazingly talented jen. i can't wait to see the finished product next month!

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new this week:

- new necklace from my friend jade

- brand new computer from the apple fairy

- new polaroid goodies (close up lens, remote shutter button, etc)

- new shop!!!! yep, this is what matt and i have been working *constantly* on for the last few weeks. i'm so excited to have my own space, although i'll keep my etsy shop open for people that are more comfortable with that. got it up just in time for my sister esther (and little roe) flying in tomorrow for a week! let me know what you think of the shop, can't wait to hear your thoughts!!!

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to find in your eyes my best surprise

so of course this *big shop update* is taking longer than i thought, so it'll be up and ready monday morning june 2nd (ack, june already!) with lots of fun new vintage / recycled goodies (like these lovely found paper envelopes and pressed flower necklaces).

celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with friends last weekend (one who was a witness at the ceremony, and one who married us - and we've all ended up on the west coast!). i am so lucky to have found this guy at a time when we complimented each other so well, and have continued to do so for so long. i know relationships aren't always easy, but we are still able to help each other grow and learn and he's still my favorite person in the whole world.

we waited five years, mainly because it was never about "getting married", it was about growing in this amazing relationship and having fun together. once we figured out it didn't have to be a traditional wedding (or marriage for that matter) we decided to do it our way: surrounded by trees and wildflowers with only the people we loved there, beautiful music and amazing food (we had a veggie potluck and cupcakes, of course!).

i remember a friend saying "aren't you excited, this is the best day of your life!" and thinking, um the best day of my life? whatever. but thinking back, it pretty much was. literally surrounded by pure love, what more can you ask for?

ok, enough sappiness back to work ;) have a great weekend, see you at the new shop monday morning!!!

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