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she has not yet appeared

wow, i am loving these fun comments. and amanda, i've never met anyone with my exact birthday, so cool!! ok, more little random facts about me:

27. i was named after a restaurant in hong kong ("the koreana"), where my parents met for the first time while they were serving church missions (despite growing up just miles from each other in southern california *and* their mothers already being friends)

26. if i don't take at least one good photo every day i start to get antsy

25. i'm anti-sock. the only time you will *ever* find me wearing them is with boots (in snow or sometimes rain). otherwise all of my shoes are slip-on so i can swap them with fuzzy slippers as soon as i get home or to my studio. socks = blech.

24. i quit eating meat 12 years ago but for some reason i very rarely call myself a vegetarian, i just say "i don't eat meat" (and yes, fish is meat)

23. i'm kinda obsessed with my eyebrows (you know, the whole growing-up-with-two-black-caterpillars-despite-having-blonde-hair-thing), yet i've never had them waxed

22. i like to drive fast. i've gotten three speeding tickets, one for 14 over the limit, two for 19 over (because i heard at 20 over you got your license taken away. little did i know that after two tickets in a row your parents take your license away! haha)

don't forget if you haven't yet to leave a comment with an interesting tidbit about yourself so you're entered in the big giveaway monday.

also, just finished this pretty little collage, new in my shop. see you tomorrow!

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you got to walk a million miles, honey go walk them with a smile.

in celebration of my birthday coming up (monday the 23rd), this week i'm going to post 32 things about myself that you most likely don't already know (holy crap, did i seriously commit to that?). and yes, it's because i'm turning *gulp* 32.

i'm also going to hold a giveaway on my birthday so *leave a comment sometime this week with a little known fact about yourself* and i'll randomly draw a name monday (trust me, it's a good one!!!).

so here goes:

32. i'm really tall, like almost ridiculously so. i used to tell people i was 5'12" because i didn't want to say 6 feet, but then i found out i'm *only* 5'11" - woot!

31. i had to have an emergency laparoscopic appendectomy a few years ago (translation: they took a small useless organ out of my gut through three tiny holes). right afterward i quit drinking cow's milk (?) and now if i drink it i get sick (other dairy is fine for some reason).

30. i'm slightly ocd about keeping my hands clean. i seriously hate newspapers, i'll check the news online using my clean keyboard thank you very much, no danger of walking around all day with black smudged on my face. i keep a supply of momspit within reach at all times - LOVE IT. fig & green tea is my favorite, and it doesn't have alcohol so it's not drying (another pet peeve).

29. i've been dying my hair since high school (i'm naturally blonde) mainly because i have these crazy dark brown eyebrows and i got tired of them not matching my hair (some would say the drapes didn't match the... valance?? ha!).

28. i don't want kids (being the oldest of six might have something to do with that) but i *love* my nieces (two of whom i got to watch be born!) and my (currently in utero) nephews. :)

more tomorrow, and don't forget to leave a comment so you're entered in the drawing!

ps - for your listening pleasure

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graceful in the morning light

had a lovely week-long visit with my sister and niece (ok, lovely besides poor little roe falling down 15 hardwood stairs despite the stupid child gate, and a nasty little stomach bug for everyone else). made it out to the coast for a gorgeous day at the beach (you know it's a good time when you leave covered in sand and red licorice ;) love those girls, es was such a trooper despite being 8 months pregnant, and roe just brings joy to every single person she meets.

been listening to the new fleet foxes album constantly: i predict it's going to be the soundtrack to my summer. plus it reminds me of the movie almost famous for some reason (one of my absolute favorites).

wanted to say thanks for all the kind comments about the polaroid book. i've been thinking about how grateful i am to everyone who has believed in me and what i do, sometimes even before i believed in myself. jen contacted me when i'd only been taking polaroids for a few months, and i see people on flickr every day who i think maybe should've been in the book instead of me, but i'm so thankful to her for seeing my potential and including me in such an amazing group of artists, it's an honor.

have a gorgeous weekend!

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