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it's right where i want to be

i was so busy last week working on my mushroom & moss vintage shop update that i was only able to upload two polaroids to the 'roid week pool :( so here are a few more that i meant to add.

the top photo is one of the many gorgeous roses that are blooming in our front yard. it's been so long since i've had a yard that i can cut flowers from (instead of swiping them from the neighbors, haha, just kidding...) - i love it so much!

the second photo is from a hike we did a few weekends ago, up to triple falls in the columbia river gorge.

that third shot is of some pretty flowers i spotted in someone's yard when my bf and i did the tour de coops self-guided chicken coop tour here in portland last weekend. so much fun, so many great ideas and everyone was so kind and helpful.

hope you're having a great week, either staying warm (in portland) or staying cool (in the rest of the u.s.)!

{ walking on my feet ~ moonbabies }

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someone to sing to me

announcing... my * mushroom & moss * vintage shop grand reopening!!! i've been stocking up on some truly breathtaking stuff (including that amazing handmade lace on blue paper, those sweet "glamour girl" button cards, those gorgeous gold-embossed album pages and that sweet little black whale) and i'm so excited to finally share it with you. don't worry, there's more to come (always... can't stop the thrifting!). check it out before these awesome finds are gone!

hope you're having a wonderful monday!

{ so nice (summer samba) ~ astrud gilberto }


i'm faded as a ghost

i can't tell you how much it means to me to be able to make pretty things and sell them to amazing, kind people (with great taste, obviously ;) on a regular basis ~ it's really all i've wanted for such a long time (after my initial childhood ambition of being a rock star / oscar-winning actress / natural geographic photographer wore off). i love being able to get messy in my studio while listening to npr with the window open and fresh cut flowers on my windowsill. yep, i'm a lucky girl and i owe it all to you guys. thank you!

new rock collections just listed in my shop. hope you're having a lovely monday!

{ hurricane jane ~ black kids }

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