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owl eyes her sun will rise and light the land

new found paper journals are up! and an old page from my barcelona journal last summer (of course i managed to find a photobooth!).

i guess i should be grateful this summer isn't as insane as last year (moving 1800 miles, then two weeks later taking off for europe - by the time we finally came back i'd forgotten everything i'd figured out about getting around portland!), but i am missing traveling right about now...

this summer we're helping our bestest friends kris and tim move up from eugene (they followed us out from iowa last fall). i'm thinking it was both a blessing and a curse that matt and i had three days total to find somewhere to live (blessing: found the exact right place for us [at the very last minute of course]. curse: had to pay two months extra rent, ridiculously stressful) but i'm definitely jealous they get *months* to check out neighborhoods, tour places, etc. plus the benefit of our expertise (which consists of "close to cupcakes" and "not close to cupcakes" ;)

anyway, enough rambling for now. time to get this week started!

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all the trees of the field will clap their hands

recovering from a crazy fun busy weekend (thank goodness for lazy sundays). lots of yummy food, gorgeous weather and blowing stuff up. thanks founding fathers!

also got a chance to do some guerrilla art (shhh). i mean if i *was* going to do some guerrilla art it might look like this: buy old doilies from the thrift store, dye them bright colors, tie them to random tree branches around the city. nothing wrong with spreading a little lovliness around, eh?
(inspired by this and of course this :)

oh! got some found paper journals back from the binders so i'll be putting those up in my shop tomorrow morning (10am pacific time).

now time to get caught up on everything i've been neglecting for the last few days. hope you had a fun weekend!

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just pretend that you and i belong here

so i now have purple hair. and not on purpose. but i'm actually really liking it. i was aiming for "dark burgundy" but it ended up "dark purple with a hint of bubblegum pink in the sun." kinda fun, in a definitely-not-burgundy kinda way. plus it's been every other color (literally) so why not.

once after coloring my hair green (ah, good ol' manic panic) i couldn't get all the dye off my hands and after handling my contacts... i ended up with green eyes for a week.

just put this new mixed media piece up in my shop, full of pinecone-y goodness (my favorite). i love it and will be sad to see it go but i guess that's what i do - make stuff i love then pass it on. took a batch of found paper journals to the binders today, can't wait to get those up. they seriously are so amazing in person, i wish i could pass one around so everyone could see. 85+ pages, every single one different from the rest. they're a lot of work but totally worth it.

hope you're having a productive week so far!

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