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and how you built a tower tumbling through the trees

the book is here!!!

i don't know what to say except it's absolutely amazing in person, everyone's photos and words are so, so beautiful. jen did a fabulous job and should be so proud.

there are less than 100 copies left so if you haven't gotten yours yet you can do so here.

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the tune was tuned to find you

i realized i never updated on my 30 day green smoothie challenge results. it's been about 45 days of green smoothies (with about a week's worth of missed days) and i gotta say i am *really* loving them. my original reasons were that i was tired of carbs/sugar for breakfast (sorry cereal) plus it's farmers market season so there's easy access to tons of delicious fruits & veggies right now. i was worried that i'd get bored with a smoothie every single morning, but amazingly i haven't. each smoothie is pretty different, and i also added two fried eggs (one yolk) on the side (love that sweet/salty combo!) for some variety.

so far i've definitely noticed i've had more energy, been sleeping better (straight through the night), totally craving fresh fruits and veggies more and (drumroll) craving sweets less, which blows my mind. i literally used to have ice cream every night before bed, and two weeks into the smoothies i noticed i hadn't eaten ice cream once. not that i don't crave sweets at all, i just crave them *a lot* less. so for me i can see this becoming a long-term thing. i *love* consuming 5 servings of fruits/veggies before 10am, stocking up at the farmers markets and coming up with yummy combinations (fyi for greens i've been using spinach, arugula, broccoli, butter leaf and romaine lettuce).

great post about smoothie boosts here and also victoria boutenko's green for life book is a really informative, quick read (her website here).

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i feel a million arms around me

suzanne over at S.HOPtalk did the sweetest post about little old me. i love to see how other people arrange my photos, for some reason they always look so much better to me. her readers get a discount at my shop so be sure to check it out!

also, i realized i never showed these cute postcards that go out with every order. they're blank on the back (except for my logo). just a little thank you to my wonderful customers :)

two more things: snapfish is having a sale (until july 12th) for up to 50 4x6 prints for $.01 each (coupon code JUL4PENNY08). i use them all the time and have been really happy with their stuff.

#2 - the talented mr. stuart davis is touring the midwest starting next week (with a quick detour to nyc) so if he's in your area make sure to check him out, i promise you won't regret it (and if for some crazy reason you don't like his music, he gives really good hugs :)

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