man on wire

i can't *wait* to see this movie

july19 pink door.jpg
july19 pola vintage es.jpg
july18 mimosa.jpg

dappled sunlight in my eyes

you guys are so sweet. i really appreciate every single comment and email, it's so great to know you're out there. :) and melisa you were totally right, my jaw pain *is* from grinding my teeth at night! i see a tmj specialist on tuesday. (and also you have a very cute blog)

that top pic is of the door to the salon where my husband gets his hair cut (the tiki beauty bar - oh yes he's very secure in his masculinity ;) portland is so perfect for a detail junkie like me, just walking a few blocks in any direction brightens my day.

the next shot is an old polaroid of my sister esther who gave birth to little eric stryker lee on friday!!! so cool, and i get to meet him in two weeks.

that last shot is the blossoms on that amazing mimosa tree down the street - if you've never smelled a mimosa flower you're missing out, they're almost *too* sweet. yum.

planning on *finally* putting a bunch of polaroid prints up in my shop this week, other than that probably won't be very productive as my sister and niece are coming to visit! yay family!! :)

july17 shoes.jpg
july16 eddie.jpg
july17 es roe beach.jpg

there's a shadow in the morning

some days...

- my jaw is *killing* me: can barely chew, sneezing hurts like hell. dentist appt tomorrow - really hoping not to hear the words "root canal" or "wisdom teeth"
- just got my first diana roll developed and every single frame was crap.
- my sister esther is having her baby tomorrow and i can't be there :(

on the flip side:

+ the gorgeous, ginormous mimosa tree in bloom a few blocks away
+ a good laugh (aka seeing eddie izzard live)
+ green smoothies don't have to be chewed (did i mention the pain?!?)
+ finally got to meet abby yesterday
+ cute new shoes
+ my sister esther is having her baby tomorrow!!!!!!!

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