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you sail to the sky

added three new mixed media pieces to my shop! it's been a while, eh? i've been so busy making rock collections lately, it was nice to do something different, take a break from the gem stones. i'm totally in love with that middle piece, especially the pressed fern leaf (real, of course) on the old postcard (dated 1908!). and that handwriting! amazing, and totally written with a fountain pen. or maybe a quill. ok, probably not a quill.

the other two pieces are tiny, just 3.5" x 2.5". i have such a soft spot for tiny things. ok, enough babbling. hope you're having a wonderful week, and have an amazing weekend!

{ cello song ~ the books feat. josé gonzález }

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while the sun is still shining

a few weeks ago i posted about this gorgeous book and the amazing "jewelry in a vintage frame" idea. well i just had to make my own, and this morning there's a little diy tutorial about it over on poppytalk. i say "little" because it's so easy! and i love having all of my jewelry laid out in front of me when i'm deciding what to wear. one of my favorite recent projects.

this week is sunny and warm here in portland (finally!) so i'm trying to not hide out in my studio too much. this past weekend we got a bunch of work done on the house (finished painting the kitchen cabinets, started painting the new fence) then rewarded ourselves by going to a lovely rooftop dinner party with friends, then watching the goonies at a park. there's something magical about watching one of your favorite childhood movies under the stars with hundreds of other people. hope you're having a great week!

{ let's go surfing ~ the drums }


this feeling follows me

just listed a bunch of new rock collections in my shop! you're probably tired of hearing me rave every time i post them, and how every other piece is my favorite (even though they truly are!), so i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

i've been slightly anti-social holed up in my studio this week, and i plan to change that this weekend. this glorious, sunny, warm weekend. hope yours is lovely as well!

{ you make loving fun ~ fleetwood mac }

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