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her eyes as clear as centuries

my brand new 2012 polaroid calendars are finished and for sale in my shop! last years' was such a success i couldn't wait to create another version. it took a while (between the new full-time job and, you know, life) but they're finally finished and i'm so happy with them.

printed on the same amazingly gorgeous high-quality matte paper, it's bound at the top (so there's no hole to distract from the image) and is much bigger than last year's (that was a common request so i was happy to comply): 7"x11" with the images being 6.25" square.

i love them so much i'm giving one away! just leave a comment telling me one thing you're excited about for next year. in my next post i'll announce the winner and the thing i'm most excited about for 2012... (don't worry, if you go ahead and purchase a calendar then turn out to be the winner i'll refund your money :)

hope you're having a wonderful november so far!

{ born at the right time ~ paul simon }


we were wild and living

finally got a chance to make some new *magic* rock collections! my favorite is the one in the square taupe box with the gold accent - perfect for fall. oh wait, i changed my mind. i love the one in the black box with the gorgeous blue on the bottom of the geode. that one is perfect for winter. ok, i love them all.

it's beautiful and sunny here in portland today (yep, i said sunny!) so i'm going to get out and enjoy it before that precious sun disappears. have a wonderful weekend!

{ palomino ~ mates of state }

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i hope you'll find the sea

i'm back! i know, i disappeared there for a bit, but here i am, alive and well. i decided that i was tired of being a starving artist (not literally, thankfully) so i went and got myself a real grown-up full-time job. yep, that's where i've been for the last month. which i must say, running two etsy shops and making big messes in my studio might be a lot of work, but it's been a while since i got up before the sun on a regular basis. it wears me out! i'm still learning to balance my stuff with this new job, so it's something else i'm working on. and thanks to my kind friend bree, i got to spend an amazing, relaxing weekend with my lovely girlfriends on the coast (that's sweet chelsea taking a pic of the ocean in that middle photo) ~and i took some polaroids! oh it's been way too long...

hope you're having a great week!

{ i sing, i swim ~ seabear }

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