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it's getting better and better

just got back from iowa, where we told my family the gender of our little baby, so now i get to announce that...

* * * it's a boy!!!!! * * *

i'll admit, i was surprised. i grew up surrounded by girls (i have 4 sisters and 1 brother) plus the three of my sisters who have kids each had a girl first. so we're breaking tradition, and i'm so excited. plus i really love green and blue (no pink for us!). now we just need to come up with a name! we're wanting something unique, so we'd love any ideas.

that sweet fortune (top pic) was one i got after dinner the night of the design*sponge book signing (where i did the photo backdrop) ~ seemed like a good one to hold on to. the middle shot is a polaroid i took yesterday flying back to the lovely green northwest (from the lovely brown-right-now midwest). and the bottom shot is of a vintage baby shirt i found at an estate sale. isn't it adorable?

hope you're having a lovely week. (it's a boy!!!!)

{ beautiful boy ~ john lennon }

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everything echoes a new song

i wanted to do a little *thankful* post before we take off for the holiday weekend. so here's the short list:

~ you. your comments and support and enthusiasm over our happy news seriously blew my mind. i felt so much love and i sent all of it to this tiny baby, who you can see in that top pic - it's curled up upside down. so little and cute! and yes, we do know what it is but we're waiting to announce it until we tell my family in person tomorrow. which leads me to the next thing i'm thankful for...

~ that i get to see my family tomorrow! well sadly not my entire family but more then i've seen at one time in way too long. it'll be a crazy madhouse with kids and pets and tons of delicious veggie food and i. cannot. wait.

~ this extraordinary little being in my body (i can feel it moving around as i type!) and the amazing guy i'm lucky enough to be sharing this experience with. i don't talk about him much, but i've gotten to see jeremy interact with kids (it's actually his job!) and he's so great with them. he's seriously drawn to them like a magnet, it's so much fun to watch. i know he's going to be the best dad and i'm so glad we're taking this journey together.

hope you have a *wonderful* week!

{ to be surprised ~ sondre lerche }

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a big {little} announcement

it's true, my sweetie jeremy and i are having a baby!! this is definitely what i'm most looking forward to in 2012 :) and another reason (besides the new full-time job) i've been so mia lately. i never understood why some women seem to disappear during the early part of their pregnancy, but now i do: the priorities are eating, being exhausted and whatever really, seriously can't be ignored (work, grocery shopping, more eating and more being exhausted). but i'm feeling really good now (back to a regular meal schedule) and getting more energy back every day. and my little bump is getting bigger and we're so excited for the end of april when our little one will be here. good things are happening!!!

ps ~ we're planning on having a home birth and i'd love to hear any success stories or suggestions!

pps ~ congrats to bethany, the winner of my 2012 polaroid calendar giveaway! contact me with your info and i'll get it in the mail to you.

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