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these photographs keep me alive

just wanted to do a quick post between running around like a crazy woman finishing up my little winter stuff (note to self: work on glued stuff that needs to dry overnight sooner than the night before - ack!!). also wanted to let you know that i listed my 2011 polaroid calendars in my shop. thirteen of my favorite polaroids on the prettiest, creamiest paper. i can't stop looking at them!

that middle picture is of a little winter work in progress ~ some tiny terrariums with my handmade clay mushrooms. i'll be sure to get pics of the final product. and the bottom self portrait is sadly my only contribution to 'roid week this time around. oh well, hopefully i'll have more time to get involved next year.

hope you had a great, productive week! if you stop by little winter please say hi, i'll be the frazzled girl covered in moss ;)

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how lovely! this is where i want to be

what a gorgeous day! the sun is shining, i had a super productive morning: restocked the vintage space i share with my friend jen at found on fremont (the entire shop looks sooo cute, tons of fun halloween stuff) followed by delicious pizza and lots of girl talk. then i had a stack of awesome holds waiting for me at the library (this book, this book, this book and this cd) and now i have the entire afternoon to work on little winter stuff. plus, obviously, it's friday!!! hope you have a wonderful weekend, i'm off to soak up some more sun!

ps ~ jan at poppytalk is doing a *huge* giveaway of little winter vendor goodies (over $400 worth!), hop on over here to enter!

pps ~ kind tara from hometown treasure did the sweetest blog post about little ol' me, it made my week :) thank you tara!

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your horse is always running

sorry for the lack of posts. i've been working a lot more than usual at my "real" job, and still trying to get ready for little winter on the side (less than 2 weeks!!!). i did get a chance to scan some old family polaroids and i wanted to share a few. my grandma used the same type of camera that i use now (an sx-70) ~ i love that!! hope you're having a lovely week, enjoying fall and keeping warm.

ps ~ yep, that's blondie me in that 3rd pic. that little belly cracks me up :)

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