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find me in my field of grass

thought mother's day would be a good day to introduce my reason for celebrating today:

grey wren matsen kindred

born april 27th at home, 9 pounds and 20" long.

he's sleeping snuggled up to me in his wrap as i type and i can't stop looking down at his cute little face.

it was a long, hard delivery (25 hours and he ended up being born on the hardwood dining room floor) but it was so worth it - being at home, having a great support system (including my sister and my mom - the timing was perfect for them to both be there!), and doing it all by myself, no drugs just hypnobabies on my ipod and my wonderful doula and jeremy applying counter-pressure for my back pain. i can't wait to write up my entire birth story, but for now i just wanted to share some photos of our little guy.

happy mother's day to all of you women out there (we're all mothers in some way to someone or something). you're amazing!!!

{ mother nature's son ~ the beatles }

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the world goes and flutters by

my dear friend chelsea threw j and i the loveliest baby shower last weekend ~ her gorgeous apartment looked so sweet with vintage china, flowers and the most amazing treats. and we received such thoughtful presents! a photobox from e. soule (yes *the* elizabeth soule :) a few amazing hand-knit baby sweaters (this one is from debbie - isn't it precious?!), this little rabbit made by marjji (from kim) ~ how lucky is this little guy in my belly?? we felt so much love, and are feeling it every day. before i got pregnant i just thought baby showers were a fun excuse to get together and eat cupcakes, but now i know how much those cute presents mean to parents getting ready for a new one. they're *so* appreciated!!

if you're curious about the size of the baby bump, i posts pics every few weeks on instagram. 4-ish weeks to go!!! hope you're having a lovely, spring-y week!

{ boy lilikoi ~ jonsi }

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beside the garden wall

j and i got to spend new years weekend with some lovely friends in seattle, and on sunday we visited the gorgeous vounteer park conservatory, my new favorite place in seattle and such a relaxing, fun way to ring in the new year.

i feel like i don't have much to say because my life these days is basically just working and being pregnant, but both are going well (especially since i've discovered maternity tank tops / camisoles!). i'm actually really loving this stage - a belly big enough to be obviously pregnant (instead of possibly just bloated) but not too big that it's awkward, and our little guy is moving around all the time, which is so much fun. still working on a name for him though...

hope your new year is going well!

{ stardust ~ hoagy carmichael }

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