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the near and the dear one

i got a new digital camera! i can't tell you how exciting this is. i wouldn't have admitted it a week ago but up until now i've been using one from 2002. the settings are all rubbed off, half the time it wouldn't focus but i somehow still managed to get decent shots from it. i think the main reason it took me so long to get a new one is because i felt like i should get a fancy dslr (especially since i majored in photography in college, back when film wasn't a novelty, haha) but i really just wanted a nice point and shoot. so i threw in the slr towel and got a good p&s, and so far i really love it. merry christmas to me!!

so there's this amazing shop in san francisco (next door to dave eggers'pirate store) called paxton gate. i've been there a few times and each time was so sad because they don't allow photos. well guess what, they just opened one in portland and i went in today and they let me take a bunch of photos! it isn't as chock full as the sf one, but it still has amazing stuff. if you're in the area and need a strange, weird, gorgeous last-minute holiday gift (how amazing are those knit dissected frog and rat?!?) make sure to stop in. (they're also having a grand opening party next wednesday dec. 15th from 8-10 pm.)

have a great weekend!

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under a blanket of blue

i caught my sweetie's cold so today i'm sniffy (sniffely?) and oh-so-achy from the neck up (plus it's so cold out today!) but i managed to finish a new vintage scissors piece and get it up in my shop. i really love the fabric i used for this one, especially the colors. it's from an old skirt ~ gorgeous, eh?

i also spent way too much time on elfyourself.com and made these fun videos: my boyfriend and i (now and when we were little) and my freaking adorable nieces and nephews. so much fun!!!

i promise one of these days i'll have pictures of something other than scissors :) hope you're having a great week!

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and it's something quite peculiar

i love the holidays! i love the craziness (which is usually my own fault - i am a master of procrastination). what i *don't* love is attempting to take product photos when there's barely any light, even in the middle of the day. oh portland...

jan at poppytalk was kind enough to let me do a fun holiday diy at her blog: my 12 things i love about you books. these little books got the most compliments out of everything i was selling at little winter, yet i only sold a few. i think people are intimidated by having to think of 12 things they love about their special someone, but trust me, once you sit down and start thinking of things they just keep coming and coming!

jan and earl also did a great holiday gift guide on the etsy storque yesterday ~ check out the woodland princess section. i love it! i want to be a woodland princess!

speaking of gift guides, i contributed to k.i.d. collective's week-long gift guide (yay happytape!). so much fun!

ps - can you tell what i've been working on? more covered scissors coming soon!!

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