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where love that traveled far had found me

and then it was a new year! how were your holidays? mine were sunny and warm(er than portland) and full of good food and crazy family and adorable nieces and nephews and surprises and jumping on the trampoline and walks under the stars and cuddling and messy crafts with the kids and desert hikes and my favorite movies and my favorite people and i loved every minute of it. and i'm so excited to be back and starting a new year. i have big plans and goals, but i also wanted to acknowledge the things i did last year that i want to give myself some credit for. it seems like we always set resolutions that don't always happen, but don't forget the good things that did happen that you might not have planned for!

for me they would be: continuing to have green smoothies for breakfast almost every morning this past year, gaining back all the weight i lost during my divorce (i know, probably a weird one but the reason i lost the weight was because i was so unhealthy, physically and emotionally. gaining it back was important physical proof to myself that i was happy again), holding monthly crafty nights, participating in a flash mob! getting a space at an awesome local vintage / handmade shop, helping one of my dearest friends with the decorations for her amazing wedding, getting a new job! participating in little winter, all the lovely, inspiring friends i made or got to know better this year. whew! 2010, you rocked. hope you're having a great 2011 so far!

photos: twinkle lights the morning we left for the desert, my little nephew's messy hands after we did fingerprint art, leaving las vegas, polaroid of a gorgeous desert sunset.

ps - my creative brother just posted this video he made of my adorable niece and nephew, it made my day :)

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but the age of miracles hadn't past

i love how sparkly the holidays are (just in time ~ as much as i love portland it could definitely use some sparkle right now!). since my sweetie and i won't be here for christmas i wanted to just get a bunch of greenery to put all around the house, but after running errands yesterday we couldn't for the life of us find a tree lot to pick some up at. so what did he do when we got home? he went out in the freezing cold and came back half an hour later with a huge armful of evergreen boughs from the park across the street! (and a lovely chunk of moss perfect for some tiny glitter deer) which inspired me to pull out my boxes of tiny vintage shiny brights and now our house is sparkly and smells oh so good. my favorite early christmas present :)

thanks to everyone who stopped by the "presents for procrastinators" sale at the art department saturday! i had so much fun hanging out with my booth neighbors amy and leah and really appreciated everyone who came and shopped. amy had the most gorgeous, colorful items for sale, i took lots of photos that i'll post later. i can't wait for her to get them up in her shop.

hope you're able to slow down this week and enjoy some sparkle!

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watch her moving in elliptical patterns

some colors of my holidays so far ~ the pink tree at summer's mad men themed holiday party (ha! there's a cocktail guide on that site!), pretty late-night desserts with friends at pix, lovely vintage decor at porch light.

i'm getting a bunch of stuff ready for the art department's presents for procrastinators artisan market this saturday ~ if you're around stop by, there will be 40 local artists taking part! it's fitting because i'm definitely a procrastinator. i just yesterday started my gift list - ! thankfully we're just doing stocking stuffers this year. i'd be fine not doing presents at all, i'm just so excited that my entire family will be together (it's been 2 years!) in the warm desert. woohoo! what are you most looking forward to for the holidays?

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