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i concentrate to keep contained the overflow

wow guys, thanks so much for your comments about the photobooth book, i really appreciate it! i couldn't stop smiling when i got the book in the mail yesterday so i'm glad you all support my dorky enthusiasm as well. ha!

i've found myself getting a little obsessed over the sunsets this winter. when i'm at the computer after work i have the perfect vantage point to see it, and it's pretty distracting when they're as pretty as they've been recently, so i thought i'd share some of them. in other "pretty portland" news, i saw yellow crocus in bloom today in a neighbor's yard, and yesterday driving home from work i saw pink cherry blossoms! ahhhhh spring.......

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je t'aimerai plus fort

a year ago i got a random email from someone named raynal pellicer who was supposedly writing a book about photobooth images and asked if he could use some of mine. i gave permission (not having any expectations of what would come out of it) and... look what showed up in my mailbox today!!! it's the most gorgeous book, hardback with over 300 pages of history and gorgeous photos. ok really i'm not sure what it *says* since i ended up with the french version (instead of the english one), but i'm not complaining because 1) i'm a huge francophile and 2) look who's on the cover, between edie sedgwick and superman! um wow. and my talented friend andrea is in it as well! this made my week :)

here's the translation of my statement:
i am intrigued by the sense of nostalgia and a connection with the past.
i delight in the challenge of "thinking outside the box" while staying inside four little black and white rectangles.
i admire the contradictions of simplicity and novelty. finding beauty in the imperfections...

and my images: faceless, love, book
hope you're having a lovely week!

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the skies all turned blue from grey

when i did my most recent guest post on poppytalk about buying vintage, it occurred to me that i should really start sharing my fun vintage finds on my blog more. especially now that i have a better camera! so without further ado...

i have a bunch of satin and velvet padded hangers, but i really love the unique one-of-a-kind ones. it was a goal last year to get rid of all of the plastic and wire hangers in our apartment. it's probably silly, but it makes such a difference to look in the closet and only see pretty vintage and wood hangers.

all of our bedding is floral vintage (i even have some flat sheets hanging on cafe clips as bedroom curtains!). i love the mismatched look. and i can never resist a nice vintage frame, the more chipped the better.

hope you enjoyed this little peek into my vintage-filled home. have a wonderful weekend!

ps ~ my 12 things i love about you mini-books are selling like hotcakes! i'll try to make some more up this weekend. *thank you* for the amazing support!!

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