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all i have is all i need

instead of unmet expectations and wanting things i don't have, i've learned to see valentine's day as a day to fall in love with what i do have:

~ two years with the most amazing man who makes me happy every single day
~ dear friends who inspire and support me (and give me lovely flowers for no reason!)
~ living in the gorgeous pacific northwest
~ a big, awesome family who, even though they're far away, i communicate with daily

seriously, what more could a girl want?

hope your day is filled with love (and a little chocolate).

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i taste and savor your little ways

have you heard of floating? i hadn't until lisa twittered about float on which opened recently here in portland. float on has four float tanks (in four separate rooms, each with their own shower) that are filled with 10" of warm salt water (850 pounds of epsom salts per tank!). you rinse off in the shower, then float in the soundproof, lightproof tanks for 90 minutes. when i was looking through their site i discovered that they were looking for artists to come do two free floats then make art inspired by their experience. then when they have enough art they'll print a book! something weird and artsy and free?! oh, i'm so in.

at my first float i was surprised by how it was, um, not as comfortable as i thought it would be. i don't know if i'm extra floaty or what, but i was practically on top of the water. after a while it really started to hurt my back (which was pretty much arched) and neck. i put my hands under my head, which helped my neck. besides that, it was pretty amazing. i didn't get claustrophobic or too hot or bored, i just thought... and thought... and thought (which was lovely) until the music started playing which signaled my 90 minutes was up (i wish i could have done the entire float with the music playing, that was probably my favorite part!).

for the second float i came prepared: i brought a baggie (tested for holes) to fill up with water to weigh down my abdomen so my back wouldn't be as arched. and i used the provided neck pillow which helped my neck. well it turned out the baggie *did* have a hole :/ so i had to fill it up a few times throughout the float, but it did help weigh my middle down a little. this time i thought about some dear friends who were having hard times, and about all the women in my life (including my grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and so on) who had suffered and experienced trials (including myself) and how the warm salt water holding me up was like the tears of all of these amazing women, and how as women we hold each other up with the strength and love that comes out of the suffering we go through. and how grateful i am to these women (even the ones i've never met) and how much love i have for them and for this cycle.

then i came home and covered an 8x8" canvas with all of the pretty little scraps i've collected over the years: paper, fabric, ribbon, lace, pressed flowers and a fern leaf, wallpaper, maps and a phrase i've been saving for just the right time:

* * * my heart twinkling in the dark * * *

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i had the itch to fly and i flew

at the latest crafty night i held at my house we made feather mobiles, and i fell in love with how calming they were, especially the way the feathers sway in the breeze when you walk by them. plus i love when i figure out a new way to combine two of my favorite things: nature walks and making art. i just listed my latest combination in my shop: pine cone and feather mobiles!

i used the most luscious (yep, i said it) lichen-covered branches and the prettiest pine cones (large and small) and feathers. for some reason they seem very appropriate for late winter: stark with just a hint of spring.

have a lovely weekend!

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