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an aeroplane across the night

well hello there! sorry for that unexpected blogging break. i ended up having to have surgery on my broken foot yesterday. yep, 3 screws and some wire to put my poor little 5th metatarsal back together again. and apparently while they were in there they discovered another fracture, so i guess it's a good thing they cut me open. the good news is it's hopefully only uphill from here. be back soon!

{ nyc polaroid 10.09 }

ps ~ i did a little guest post over at poppytalk about my dream backyard, if you're in the mood for some lush greens check it out!

02.23 hedgie casts.jpg
02.23 cat cast.jpg
02.23 turtle cast.jpg
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with happiness intact

well if you couldn't tell from the photos *someone* now has a big cast on their leg. yep, it's me. i broke my foot going down some stairs at a parking garage saturday night. there was an indent in the cement and my ankle rolled and i heard a loud crack, and now i'm in a cast almost up to my knee for the next 6 weeks. huh. so i won't be taking that trip to brooklyn i mentioned in my last post. in fact all my plans for the next 6 weeks are pretty much out the window. thank goodness for the best boyfriend ever who has pretty much been waiting on me hand and (broken) foot. so thankful for him. k i'm off to attempt to make myself some lunch. appreciate that you can walk today!

{ images are from animals with casts (hedgie, kitty, turtle, puppy) ~ thanks for the link anabela! }

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they allowed me to join in and sing their song

today was one of those pretty-much-perfect days ~ the sun was out, i got to work in my studio for hours catching up on my favorite npr shows (fresh air and all songs considered), i ate yummy cookies from a dear friend and finished a pile of fabric-covered scissors that will be part of my spring shop update in a few weeks!

add to that a few fun emails from friends and great news of a last-minute trip to see one of my favorite people in one of my favorite cities. totally makes up for yesterday kind of sucking.

hope you're having a lovely, sunshine and heart-cookie kind of week!

ps ~ speaking of npr, *please* go to move on.org or 170 million americans to speak out about congress cutting off funding to npr and pbs!

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