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the sky will be scarlet and grey

wow, thanks for the positive feedback on my last post! looks like i'm not the only one who loves a pretty gemstone :) i'll be listing my new rock collections in my shop on monday (as well as posting more pics) but i wanted to give a little sneak peek.

the middle shot is of some pretty props in the sun yesterday (i must say, it's a pretty amazing feeling going out to one's backyard to pick lilacs rather than sneaking them from the neighbors!), and the bottom photo is of a vintage sketchbook i got at an estate sale last weekend. speaking of, time to head out to some this morning.

hope you have a relaxing weekend. see you monday morning with more rock collections!

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a magical revelation

i started a new project yesterday (yep, 11 days before the west elm / etsy pop-up shop, because apparently i'm crazy like that) which i'm so excited about but don't have any finished product to show yet, so for now you just get these photos as hints. before abby moved to austin we kept meaning to stop in to ed's house of gems here in portland to see if it was worth taking any photos, but time got away from us. i finally went there yesterday (to pick up supplies for my new project) and you can see how lovely it was!

k back to work for me. hope you're having a lovely spring week!

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they all shine soft and stand alone

well hello there! i hope you believe me when i say i have a good excuse for not blogging in a while ~ my boyfriend and i bought a new house!!! we actually first made an offer at the end of january and were finally given the keys on april 21st. and between then? more stress than we thought possible, including extending our closing date three times (not helped by the whole broken foot / surgery fiasco). but our realtor was amazing, we had a great team at jeremy's work helping us out and the excitement and encouragement of our friends and family was so appreciated. and now we're here, we're all moved in and every day we love our big old house more (including the overgrown lilac bushes, the crooked wisteria trellis, the fire pit, the big porch with lots of potential, the lovely mint studio for me, the huge kitchen, the secret closets hidden behind the walls...)

and i have even more good news: i was invited to participate in the upcoming west elm / etsy pop up shop here in portland on may 21st! lynn from satsuma press was kind enough to include me (along with 15 other amazing artists) ~ so excited!!!. please stop by if you're able to, and feel free to rsvp here.

wow, the 21st is actually a lot closer than it seems, i better finish unpacking / organizing my studio and get to work! hope you're having a lovely week!

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