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she loves the natural life

woah, a post without pictures of gem stones! thought i'd take a little break to share some recent polaroids. that's right, i still have a few shots of 600 film left (my true love... *sigh*).

that top photo is of some lovely lily of the valley my parents brought me from their yard. mmm flowers that smell good are my favorite. the second is of a plant stand at the big portland farmer's market. and the third is of the massive bleeding hearts bush next to our front steps. they don't smell but they sure are pretty!

did you do anything exciting this weekend? for today's holiday my boyfriend and i are going canoeing, then having friends over to grill out. crossing my fingers the sun stays out. hope you're having a lovely monday!

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are you feeling love too?

holy rock collections! i just listed * ten * new rock collections in my shop (all different sizes) as well as * five * new vintage scissors pieces - whew! and what a week! the west elm / etsy pop-up shop went off without a hitch ~ everyone at west elm was so helpful, the shop was gorgeous (of course) and the drinks and yummy treats were amazing. thanks to everyone who stopped by!! my parents left tuesday after a wonderful 6-day visit. i love seeing this gorgeous city through other people's eyes, it's one of my favorite things. plus while they were here we put together a container herb garden in our yard ~ love it!

make sure to check out the rock collections before they're sold, they've been flying off the (virtual) shelves. and great news: i now do custom rock collections! contact me for details :) have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

{ goofy photo of me and my sweetie via west elm / smilebooth }


and it all comes down to you

my new rock collections are listed in my shop! ooh i love them, they look like candy. i played off of vintage rock collections, but instead of putting the proper names of the stones i put words inspired by the stones (with a vintage typewriter, of course).

it's hard to tell from the photos, but the sizes are pretty varied: the 2nd collection (cosmic, true, sigh) is actually a tiny 3" by 2", while the one underneath (sanguine, spiderweb, pastoral, tomorrow, vapor, pocket watch) is 7" by 6". and they're both gorgeous (in my humble opinion). check them out, i'm so excited about them!!

it's going to be a crazy busy week, getting ready for the west elm / etsy pop-up shop this saturday (don't forget to rsvp if you're coming!) plus my parents are coming out for a visit ~ yay!!! i can't wait, it's been years since they've been to portland. and so far it's looking like it might even be decent weather for them!

time to get this week started. hope your monday is lovely!

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