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the hope is we all have so much to feel good about

i wanted to share a custom rock collection i made recently for sweet lillian of unstitched. she picked out the stones and words and i paired them with that amazing striped vintage box. doesn't it look so pretty? making custom pieces has really turned out to be my favorite thing. i love that people get to choose words that mean something to them. (contact me for more info on custom rock collections, or see my already made ones here!)

can you believe summer officially starts in one week? i can't believe we're already halfway through june! or "juneuary" as we've been calling it here in not-quite-hot portland. not that i mind, seeing triple-digit temps where my friends and family live is enough to remind me how much i love cooler weather.

that 2nd photo is an instagram shot of the gorgeous peninsula park here in portland, and the bottom photo is of the pretty vintage curtains in our bathroom. hope you're having a lovely week!

ps ~ did you know every single one of my blog post titles are song lyrics? they're usually from a song i've found myself listening to a lot, for whatever reason... i've decided to start linking to the songs to share what i think are some pretty good tunes. today's song: good life by onerepublic (it's worth the 15 second ad at the beginning, i promise). hope you like it!

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singing something good where all the horses fell

i know it's wednesday, but i just had to write a few words about this past weekend. my dear friend jenny came down from seattle for a few days, i spoke about street art at a crafternoon with a house full of fun girls (and yummy snacks and gorgeous drinks) at andrea's lovely home, had a bbq with friends (including a camp fire and nutella s'mores - yum), hit up some awesome estate sales, soaked up the sun, visited my favorite shops, stayed up late watching gorgeous movies and talking nonstop... everything was perfect. and now it's halfway to the next weekend and they're predicting more sun ~ woohoo! i love june (and only partly because it's my birthday month).

hope you're having a great week!

ps - jenny introduced me to instagram and now i'm addicted. are you on it??


don't ask me what you know is true

just added eight new rock collections to my shop, including two of my favorites: one made from a vintage cigar box lid (with the prettiest design on the back) and one made from a gorgeous vintage pin box. honestly i wasn't sure i wanted to sell that one, i love that little green box so much. but i'm sure whoever ends up with it will love it as much as i do.

tomorrow is the beginning of another crazy weekend (i think we've had friends over to grill out and enjoy our awesome fire pit every weekend since we bought this house, and this weekend is no exception!). no complaints, it's finally going to get into the 80's here in chilly portland ~ summer + friends + food = happy.
hope you have an awesome weekend!

ps ~ really appreciating all of the love my little rock collections are getting. thanks super bloggers, you rock! (heh) you can find them here: design*sponge, poppytalk, sacred lotus, unstitched, unruly things, modish, creature comforts, code for something

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