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the world goes and flutters by

my dear friend chelsea threw j and i the loveliest baby shower last weekend ~ her gorgeous apartment looked so sweet with vintage china, flowers and the most amazing treats. and we received such thoughtful presents! a photobox from e. soule (yes *the* elizabeth soule :) a few amazing hand-knit baby sweaters (this one is from debbie - isn't it precious?!), this little rabbit made by marjji (from kim) ~ how lucky is this little guy in my belly?? we felt so much love, and are feeling it every day. before i got pregnant i just thought baby showers were a fun excuse to get together and eat cupcakes, but now i know how much those cute presents mean to parents getting ready for a new one. they're *so* appreciated!!

if you're curious about the size of the baby bump, i posts pics every few weeks on instagram. 4-ish weeks to go!!! hope you're having a lovely, spring-y week!

{ boy lilikoi ~ jonsi }

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