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when i stop thinking about it, it will come back to me

my awesome friends mariesa and tyson got married yesterday and i got to do their centerpieces (succulents in glass containers on top of piles of vintage books, white votives in sand in vintage quilted jars and shells scattered all over). it was the sweetest, most ridiculously fun 50's themed wedding and i loved being a part of it.

now that that's over it's time to start the little winter handmade market countdown ~ 4 weeks! ahh!!! i can't wait! it's going to be at a beautiful location (the cleaners ~ the ace hotel's gorgeous event space) and i'm in seriously amazing and slightly intimidating company. if you're anywhere near portland don't miss it!

hope you're having a relaxing weekend!

cory amazing job- those look stunning! wish you would have done ours :)

So fun and so cute! Congrats Tyson and Mariesa!

You have truly said when we stop thinking about it; it will come back to me. I agree with your words I read the same words in order the best essay article also. One must not continuously think about anything. This is great to hear that you are friend is getting married and you are going to be the center of attraction in that marriage I think so. It is always feels great attending marriage functions.


Will this be pasted?

So beautiful pictures from the big day of yours and I can't wait to enjoy my family wedding after the completion of tasks. Such an amazing share by you!

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