11.19.13 typewriter1.jpg
11.19.13 typewriter3.jpg
11.19.13 typewriter2.jpg
11.19.13 typewriter5.jpg
11.19.13 typewriter4.jpg

vintage typewriter love

just wanted to share my latest just-for-me crafty project. i have way too many vintage typewriters so i thought i'd fancy one up a little. i used a pretty vintage-inspired fabric called "rosette" from fabric traditions (found at joann fabrics), a few small paintbrushes, scissors and a jar of acrylic gel medium. i basically just laid the fabric down, cut a little, glued a little, cut some more, glued some more... it was trickier than i thought it would be (those angles! ouch, my brain!) but i love how it turned out. hope you like it!

ps ~ i recently added some new rock collection mixed media pieces to my shop, they make great holiday gifts!

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