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they have a secret world in the twilight

i don't have much to talk about today. it's raining and overcast out (thank goodness for a sunny and dry weekend) and it's been 6 weeks since i broke my foot so i still feel like my life is basically on hold. but things have gotten much better, i only need to have my foot at heart level a few times a day (as opposed to having it raised 20+ hours/day the weeks after surgery) and i've been leaving the house on a regular basis. woohoo! i miss thrifting, estate sales, going for hikes and taking photos so much it hurts, but what're you gonna do.

well goodness, i don't mean to be such a downer today. here are some good things: getting lost in pinterest, dinner with good friends, getting care packages in the mail from my awesome sisters, sitting at a picnic table in the sun knitting while my sweet boyfriend brings me magnolia petals from my favorite trail at the arboretum, listening to this. yup, things aren't so bad.

hope you're having a lovely monday!

ps ~ forgot to mention a little guest post i did recently on poppytalk about one of my favorite things: mushrooms! also today is the beginning of spring colours week, the above polaroid was my contribution for today's color: green. it was taken at the japanese gardens last year.

Yay! So glad you are on the home stretch now!!

Cori, I hope you are healing up well! You have been so patient and cheery despite this frustration. Almost there :o)

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