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summer kids go

crazy busy fun day: amazing garage sale (tons of gorgeous vintage fabric), antique mall, cargo, anthropologie, scrap, the gorgeous lark press, then bbq with neighbors and badminton until dark.

to the list...

10. in college my nails were constantly painted some weird color (blue, black, green - hard to come by back then!) so now i never ever paint them

9. i have a thing for sweet / salty together. when i was little i'd eat oyster crackers and hawaiian punch like cereal

8. i'd also eat brown sugar chunks out of the bag

7. part of the reason i got into photography was because i could make out with my boyfriend in the empty darkroom (hehe)

6. i lived in denver for a summer and modeled for an issue of the local alterna-weekly. when the paper came out (about asian fashion) the only shot they had used of me i was holding a fan in front of my face. ha!

your turn! :)

ps - happy solstice!

1. When I was younger I wanted to be so many different things: Hairdresser, Policewoman, Artist, Pianist, Gymnast, & many more things I believe but can't remember right now
2. I wanted to be a hairdresser because I loved playing with long hair. My parents always cut my hair before it grew past my shoulders. I disliked this so much. I felt like a litle boy. I even threatened to call the police on them when I was 7. This didn't stop them though.
3. I wanted to be a policewoman because I was pretty obsessed with a police tv show called "Blue Heelers". I really liked the office atmosphere in that TV show, the staff were so nice to eachother and the thought of "office lunch rounds" excited me. The show has been axed, but I stopped enjoying it long before this happened. I guess I "grew up" and didn't see any merit in the show anymore.
4. The other occupations represent my interests at the time. I've never had piano lessons but always thought it was a beautiful thing - the pianist & instrument are one.
5. I'm at uni right now and doing a course that I've never had any 'childhood dreams' about. I'm trying to fool myself into believing that I'm doing something really worthwhile.
6. I went to Japan last year and Europe at the beginning of this year. I can't believe I've been to these places. Nowhere in my past could these trips have been predicted. I wouldn't dare dream about going to these places; thats how far out of my immediate lifepath they seemed. I feel so grateful to have gone. They really do feel like dreams.
7. I have such a good family. My parents are divorced but my extended family is the best. I feel so lucky to have all of them. I really do cherish them.
8. Reading and film-watching are my greatest pleasures. I love the dreamworld that is created through these mediums, when done effectively - there is a sense of realism that is so precious.
9. Like most people I thought I had all the answers at 16. I'm glad I didn't keep a diary around this period. That could be embarrassing to flip through. I'll probably regret not writing one when I'm 50 or something though...since I wish I could reflect on my thoughts at 12.
10. I had my first Red Velvet cupcake at the beginning of this year. The cheapest hit of bliss and goodness one could ever hope for.
11. I think the sound of waterfalls is one of the most beautiful that planet Earth has to offer.
12. I can't wait to discover all the great books/music/movies I have yet to discover. I know they're out there, I just can't access them right now. It excites & agonises me to know that things exist which I don't know of, things that can benefit my (& others') joy.
13. Unlucky number. Like the number 4. I am aware of unlucky numbers but don't let them affect my judgment. I grew up on the 4th level though, and this was the 'poorest' period of my life. I just realised this now and thought it was worth mentioning.
14. My highschool experience seems to have moulded into a flash. I can't distinguish between all the years. All I really remember are the friendships that were broken & created. I'm lucky to have left with some really special friends.
15. I feel like university has dampened my creativity. I don't like to admit this, and I hope its not true, I just feel like things escape me & my imagination is a fleeting experience.
16. I believe that a person's personality is brought out by others. We can't truly know ourselves. Thats why its important to try and bring the best in others and be around others that bring the best out in you.
17. I don't understand aggression. Its a trait that I find hard to calm down in others. If I ever feel myself heat up, its really hard to control what comes out of my mouth.
18. I feel like 18 is a really significant age. I try to be extra nice to 18 year olds, 12 year old and 14 year olds. These can be tough ages.
19. I have an exam on Macroeconomics on Tuesday. I'm scared but excited. Which is how I feel about a lot of things.

I suppose you can guess how old I am :) By the way, happy birthday for the 23rd, Cori. 32 sounds like a great age. It sounds strange to say but I don't fear aging. I think its great to reflect on where you are based on where you've been...Its good to know that you have a 'history'. I hope you have a joyous day!


When I was in high school, I spent all day at McDonald's preparing to be in one of their commercials. (I even got out of school!) When it came to my turn, I held the tray, said my lines, etc. After that, I thought it was over. I found out weeks later that I was in the commercial, except for the only part they used was a picture of me holding a tray with a soda, fries, and a quarter pounder with cheese. You couldn't see me at all. However, they still paid me $400 to do it!


I had this *awesome* tan coat with red piping in kindergarten. I loved to wear it everyday. One day, as I was putting in on to go home, a string got caught somewhere. I pulled and pulled, not noticing that it had somehow gotten caught around a tooth. The tooth came out, my coat and face got all bloody, and my teacher congratulated me on loosing my first tooth. I don't think it was even loose!! I don't remember wearing the coat again, but I did get a Susan B. Anthony dollar from my teacher. :)

When I was in highschool I used to starve myself, not because I thought I was fat or that I was anorexic. It was because I didn't want to go through puberty.

My best friend in high school wanted to go on a ski trip to Austria. Neither of us could ski. I sold my piano and used the money for the trip. Her father had won a lottery and money wasn't an issue.

I went out every night that we were there and danced until the bars closed down (I didn't drink). One night, with most of our tour group present, there was a competition for a "Miss Ski Bunny". I got elected to join the competition. I came in second.

The odd thing about all of this besides not skiing? I'm not a club person. I don't really dance, and, well, to look at me (then or now), I'm so not ski bunny material (the only girl in the line up to not be tall, blond and a beauty). That's my secret claim to fame.

Summer is the favorite time for my kids. We enjoy a lot and in our part of the world, we receive 2 months of holidays. So, we plan out and have a bite at life and its experiences.

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