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somebody who knows me

seriously guys, these comments are so great. and not only am i getting to see who's reading my little blog, i get to learn a bit about you too!

so without further ado...

21. in sixth grade i thought i wanted to be a marine biologist, but then i figured out i really just liked the color blue

20. my feet are so ticklish that at my first (and last) pedicure i kicked the poor girl in the face

19. the summer after matt and i started dating we drove to ohio for hookahville (in a vw bus), oregon for a rainbow gathering and up to maine following phish. (we were what some might call "dirty hippies", haha)

18. i *hate* the taste of coffee, beer and wine

17. in high school we had to wear short shorts in gym all year long, so as soon as i graduated i promised myself i'd never shave my legs in winter again (and i haven't)

16. i've been told by dentists for 14 years now that i'm going to have to get my wisdom teeth removed "soon"

halfway there! keep leaving those great comments and i'll put your name in the drawing on monday - pics of the (imho) awesome prize tomorrow!

ps - the shot of my little house is for alice's cool project, i love how there are so many homes from all around the world

pps - just saw the fall, an amazingly gorgeous film worth checking out (in the theatre if possible!). see the beautiful trailer here

i knew deep down you two where dirty hippies, ha ha! i am learning so much about you cori! i love the shot of your house... i got invited to participate in Alice's project too. i need to get my pola sent off soon! hope you have a wonderful weekend. can't wait to give you your b-day gift!!:)

Your house is lovely! My dream is to find a nice little bungalow one day.

I have followed your photos on flickr and found your blog from there. You have such a creative view of the world. Very inspiring. It is great to read these and find out more about you :)

Cori I love this idea! I have quite a few quirks...let's see if I can think of a few.

-I loathe side-ponytails. Probably because my mom always did my hair this way when I was young. I get so peevish about them I shake when I see one! Haha.
-I once fell out of a tree and blacked out for 24 hours. Still don't remember anything that occurred during that day!
-I could recite all 14 verses of Don McLean's "American Pie" when I was 4 years old.
-I have a thing for holiday socks
-I hate when people say they love coffee then order a venti-mocha-no foam-whip-nonfat-whatever from Starbucks. That's not coffee, that's a meal.
-I am incredibly snobbish about tea. Good tea doesn't come in bags--it's steeped.
-I can do incredibly weird things with my tongue (roll it both ways, make multiple clover-leaf loops, tie a cherry stem, unwrap a starburst).

I think I'll end on that note. Hahahaha! Great idea!

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