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seven miles below me i can see the world and it aint so big at all

i just got back from 10 days in new york city and have a handful of my new favorite polaroids to share (most of which i'm saving for fall 'roid week: nov 2nd-6th!).

here's a quick rundown of what i did while i was there: prospect park, brooklyn flea, american museum of natural history (so amazing), central park, tinsel trading company, ny public library (huge and gorgeous!), chinatown (pearl river!), cupcakes (babycakes, magnolia), times square, walked across the brooklyn bridge (twice) and got to spend lots of time with my favorite 9-year-old :)

although i must say, i'm happy to be home where i can just hop in my car when i want to go somewhere (so much walking! and train riding! and more walking!). also, for the life of me couldn't find a hot dog cart with veggie dogs. ?? also also, my sister's neighborhood totally reminded me of sesame street. hope you're having a lovely week!

Oh, you lucky girl~~it sounds like you had a great time! Tinsel Trading must be wonderful! Glad you're back in PDX!

beautiful shots - sounds like two wonderful weeks (well, almost two)

Your niece is adorable. You are lucky to spend 10 days in NYC. I haven't been there in a few years and I am itching to go back. Beautiful photos.

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