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sail me to the moon before it's too late

just wanted to say thanks for reading along this past week. i'm taking a little break, visiting my sister in nevada for a week (i can't wait to see this cutie!), plus we'll take a little road trip to visit another sister (+ her cutie!). i'll be back... take care!

ps - how amazing are these gorgeous crocus popping up in my yard in freaking february?!

Hi Cori, I just discovered your blog! I have you as a contact on flickr and have quite a few of your photos as favorites. So glad to see you have a blog, it's lovely ;-)

Bon voyage. I wish you health before your trip.

BTW - LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures.

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but what everybody does not realize is that normally slim individuals get known as names too, and get created fun of, and aren't thought of as just as attractive as individuals who have more muscle develops. Ask anyone who has been under a healthy weight their whole lifestyle and they'll tell you it's no picnic.

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Being the most mainstream live communicating application among the cell phones, BiGO Live is currently an absolute necessity have excitement on the off chance that you possess a cell phone. Not just one get a stage to connect with individuals all around the globe however one can likewise exhibit their ability by methods for Live Feeding their ability in the type of recordings.

Being the most mainstream live communicating application among the cell phones, BiGO Live is currently an absolute necessity have excitement on the off chance that you possess a cell phone. Not just one get a stage to connect with individuals all around the globe however one can likewise exhibit their ability by methods for Live Feeding their ability in the type of recordings.

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