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no matter how i try i can't seem to think of anything better to say

i haven't been to estate sales in a few weeks (been doing other fun things like hiking, camping in yurts, canoeing, playing tennis... just enjoying the gorgeous spring weather) but this morning i decided to stop by a few on the way to a friend's house, even though i knew since it's sunday all the good stuff would probably be taken. so my expectations were extremely low when i spotted this beauty under a pile of christmas decorations. then i opened the lid... ohmygosh! can you believe how freaking cute it is?!?! and the price? five dollars. oh yes. and no, i don't have room for it. but i will make room for it. because i love it. and it was $5. and it's beautiful.

hope you had a wonderful weekend!

So cute - I love all the papers inside!

Oh so lovely.
There's always room for something you love- trade it off for something you don't use so much maybe.

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You have wrapped the walls with beautiful cover which is making it more prettier. I didn't saw such ideas coming from any other. Well, I am following your ideas to make happy my love one.

This stuff is looking very beautiful and too much attractive flower to use in these images. I hope you will post that type of images shared with us. I really appreciated your work has you done here.

It's seem like good because that is creating very creatively and professionally. I am also an expert artist i like your art very much.

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