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the miracles still give fortune tears

such an exciting week online! first, ez was kind enough to feature a tutorial by me on creature comforts for my mossy holiday display.

second, i'm so, so excited for my friend summer who's gorgeous blog design is mine is #11 on the times of london's world's 50 best design blogs - !!!
as well as the wonderful sfgirlbybay (#10) and the above-mentioned creature comforts (#9 ).

and check it out - #37 (modish), #28 (bliss) and #17 (frolic) are all from portland as well! so cool!!! congratulations ladies, very well deserved :)

10 days till christmas, back to the present factory for me. today: making 10 little owl softies. i'll try to get pics before they fly away to their new homes. have a great week!

ps - pics by my talented friends katie and abby

pps - i almost forgot! amy and misha at portland loves local did a little post about mushroom and moss - thanks ladies!

Aww, thanks SO MUCH Cori! You are too sweet.


yay for super awesome blogger ladies!! loved your tutorial cori, so cute and simple. :)

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