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just wanted to mention that the gorgeous book for the love of light: a tribute to the art of polaroid that i'm in is now available for ordering here. so exciting, and such a great group to be included in. thanks to the amazingly talented jen. i can't wait to see the finished product next month!

Cori, when I first found your site & Flickr page I literally spent a couple of days looking around. I LOVE your pictures. They are so beautiful. And I really like your other artsy stuff too. You Kindred girls got some good talent genes for sure. I'm jealous.

hey love! this book looks amazing! i want to see it with your prettiness inside the pages!
just back from the craziness and catching up on blogs - yours always makes me so happy! xox (did you get a little something in the mail last week?)

you're so lucky ! :D

here is a world wide polaroid project i am running, do you want to participate ??

I love taking polaroids. especially since i got a polaroid camera. ka-ching!

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