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little advent boxes

i got a burst of inspiration the other day and made a simple little advent calendar. i used matchboxes, vintage wrapping paper and contact paper, label stickers, a vintage date stamp for the numbers and found papers for the insides. easy peasy (in theory - 25 is a lot to make!).

i wanted to do a mix of "random acts of holiday kindness" and fun activities (i'm not really into sugar and little toys that we don't really need) so tonight i'll write up a list of 25 (oops, 23) things, print them out and cut strips to put in the boxes. i doubt we'll actually get around to doing one thing every day this year, but it'll be fun to at least start the tradition. and next year grey will be 2.5 so he'll probably be more into it.

hope you're having a lovely december so far!

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