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nov15 pola pinkflowers.jpg
nov17 feet leaves pola.jpg

leaves like feathers

went for a walk at the hoyt arboretum this weekend. one thing that still amazes me about portland is the vibrant color that lasts all year long. we even saw roses still in bloom! and this big patch of amazing, huge mushrooms. a few were knocked over so i made sure to take advantage.

one secret about the northwest is that yes, it rains frequently but it rarely rains all day long (it's sunny out right now), and when it does rain it's more like a drizzle. plus otherwise how would it stay so lush and green through the winter? mmm i love it here.

I dream of one day taking an adventure through the forests of Oregon

i love that first picture so much.

this post made me even more excited about my visit in a few weeks!
leaving the gray of ny...

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Those pictures look good and nice. I like a walk through a forest area when it rains and the whole area is wet and muddy. The pic with mushrooms is the best of all three pictures in the blog. I was here for superiorpapers review and met the best post here. I never seen that much big one in my whole life this the first time I am seeing it. When having a walk in rain will always give more energy to me.

I have seen leaves like weather in London when we had autumn in London we get to see many different colours. But it’s not exactly like yours one but still its close enough to be called feather. Traveling is the one thing I like so much I will travel to northwest someday and will see a view like that with my own naked eyes.

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To be frank, I was mesmerized by your writing and the photographs. These photographs are so beautiful that I want then to be printed and framed. And the words are so strong and makes me feel that I was the one that was walking.
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Your blog has nice information, I have good ideas from this amazing blog.

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