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it's getting better and better

just got back from iowa, where we told my family the gender of our little baby, so now i get to announce that...

* * * it's a boy!!!!! * * *

i'll admit, i was surprised. i grew up surrounded by girls (i have 4 sisters and 1 brother) plus the three of my sisters who have kids each had a girl first. so we're breaking tradition, and i'm so excited. plus i really love green and blue (no pink for us!). now we just need to come up with a name! we're wanting something unique, so we'd love any ideas.

that sweet fortune (top pic) was one i got after dinner the night of the design*sponge book signing (where i did the photo backdrop) ~ seemed like a good one to hold on to. the middle shot is a polaroid i took yesterday flying back to the lovely green northwest (from the lovely brown-right-now midwest). and the bottom shot is of a vintage baby shirt i found at an estate sale. isn't it adorable?

hope you're having a lovely week. (it's a boy!!!!)

{ beautiful boy ~ john lennon }

i may be biased (i have a boy), but they rock, they really do. congrats to you and your family!

congratulations again! how fun to find out. :)

Congratulations! I am so very excited for you, boys are amazing, I have 7 nephews and I have so much fun with them!

There is something so special about having a little boy-- he is going to shake things up!!

Congrats on the boy. Some name ideas - my new grandson's name is Greyson, my nephew and his wife's new baby boy is Lane and another cool name is Kase (Jewel and her husband's new baby boy). You are going to be a cool mom!

ahh congrats! boys are SO fun!
some names to think about- liam, easton, axel (friend just named her son that), camden, sorry brain went dead. i'll keep thinking

congratulations, i had girls girls girls in my life, but i always wanted to name a boy this,
Orlin Sayer I had an Uncle Or who rocked my world as a kid, he was quiet and very tall, and had a grace few men have. He was a conductor on the Union Pacific Railroad, from Truckee, CA. to Sacramento... seems like a hundred years ago.

I'm so excited for you!!

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