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inhaling quick when i see your being, can‘t define the divine and i‘m born again

someday i'll:

- go to the dentist
- take amazing photos everyday
- eat/drink only things that are good for me
- know what to do with my hair
- not be so scared of failure that i don't even try
- only own clothes i actually wear
- be productive before noon
- have everything figured out with my money / websites / online shops
- get good sleep every night
- find the perfect summer sandals
- not worry about what other people think
- blog regularly
- not be cold (portland, seriously. it's time to warm up now)
- take my vitamins
- be brave enough to post my nude self portraits
- exercise every day
- be able to support myself through my art
- have my own style
- not be so self-involved
- be happy with what is

wow cori.
this list is an amazing list.
i'd say you are very brave...just putting this out there is so awesome.
i'm right there with you on every single one of these
(except maybe the nude selfies..i'm even too shy to take them!:))
thank you for sharing and inspiring!

luv your list and when you do, i'm coming over for the low down on how to do that myself although i have a hard time posting pics of me clothed so I doubt there will ever be any nude self pics. Ha. Hang in there and I agree...Portland needs to warm up. I'm done.

Oh Cori, so right there with you!
If only, right?
We should hang out soon.
I miss you.
Starting tomorrow, I'm taking a week off from the "blog world" but maybe we can get lunch or a drink...?
Call me!

you will do all this...and.....more....

great list of things to aspire to!

I can relate to this list so much. Thanks for sharing!

I found you through the Artful Blogging magazine and just love your photos and view on life. Congrats on being featured!

99% of your list contains
things that I struggle with.
Minus the nude self-portraits.
You're much braver than me!
Thanks so much for sharing.
You made me feel better being
human. ;0)

I love your guerrilla love kit. I gave you a shout out today on my blog. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for being inspiring!

Inhale deeply
and be

Keep making those lists, and keep giving yourself permission to skip something now and then:)

Thank you for sharing your "self"! (At least the parts you can share in this venue! I'm with jennifer m - I'll never be bold enough to look very long, yet alone shoot photos of my nude self. And, of course, to go any further would turn my father in his grave!)

Yes i totally get this, and now I'm off to write my list. I so hope that someday comes. The whole hair thing is just too much for me to bear.

Wow this picture is looking great fantastic photography I really liked this picture. This list is having very good and interesting topics in it. I would like do some of those but I am not that brave to share the list like you have done it, sometimes i include in my superior blogs. I hope that you will get time to complete all the listed things by yourself.

There is no more words needed for this. This image itself can explain what is happening in this present society. It is very pity and inevitable to live these societies. Good images.

We humans are creating more and more disasters to the nature. It is so unhealthy one for us too. This will surely make us sad more than happy in one day. That can easily understand by the observation. Observe the nature, save the nature.

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