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i'd make a safe bet you're gonna get whatever you need

busy today turning in my final pics for for the love of light (plus getting ready for visitors) but wanted to share a few of my favorite recent polas (it's 'roid week!).

some random stuff: went to an eels show last week, had absolutely no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. instead of an opening act they showed the bbc doc parallel worlds, parallel lives, such a great way to get to know the act and have a new perspective on the songs, etc.

just happened to run into the lovely andrea of hulaseventy downtown the other day (by little finnegan's of course, home of my favorite pdx photobooth). she's even cuter in person, if you can believe it. :)

one more thing, my vintage postcard flags were on designsponge!

hope you're having a lovely, spring-y week!

Your photos are lovely. I've been telling my husband we need to move back to the Northwest, specifically Portland, because its where all the creative women end up anyways!

cori, honey - i can't thank you enough for the wonderful, WONDERFUL packet you sent me this past week! the postcards i ordered are lovely, and i hope to include them in my australia/new zealand journal misty is making for me to take; i think i'll add the little heart flags as well. but what i really, really wanted to tell you is that i incorporated two of the jewelry links that you sent, after i dipped them in liver of sulfur (did you KNOW they are silver?!), into a "journey" necklace that i made for myself to wear on my travels. i am also going to feature it as a sample for my jewelry class for artfest next year, and will always give you credit for your contribution ;)
you are a treasure. let's definitely plan to get together in portland when i am there in october for art and soul...
(and don't be discouraged by the trade issue at artfest; i NEVER make trades), and you can plan on where you want to stay with FRIENDS. not jerks.
sending love - xxx nina

i wish i were a creative woman living in pdx... or maybe just living in portland.

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