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wow guys, thanks so much for your comments about the photobooth book, i really appreciate it! i couldn't stop smiling when i got the book in the mail yesterday so i'm glad you all support my dorky enthusiasm as well. ha!

i've found myself getting a little obsessed over the sunsets this winter. when i'm at the computer after work i have the perfect vantage point to see it, and it's pretty distracting when they're as pretty as they've been recently, so i thought i'd share some of them. in other "pretty portland" news, i saw yellow crocus in bloom today in a neighbor's yard, and yesterday driving home from work i saw pink cherry blossoms! ahhhhh spring.......

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These pictures are really cool and beautiful. I have seen your photoboth book and is ant to congratulate you for your great work in designing and creating that wonderful book with full of pictures of Nature. I like your creative thinking in taking those pictures with such care showing the real beauty of nature.

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