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how lucky we are

first, a huge thank you to erin at design for mankind for including me in her 2nd inspiration e-zine. such a great concept, it's an honor to be a part of.

second, i went out of my box a bit this week (my box apparently being my living room) and attended the design*sponge portland biz lady meetup. grace's presentation on pr and marketing was amazing, and she even made her notes available. it got me really excited to get some of my stuff out there.

third, i'm off in the morning to chilly iowa. the last few days have been ridiculously gorgeous here (68 degrees!!!) so it'll be hard to leave. i won't have access to a computer (what's that, universe? time to consider getting a laptop??) so... see you in 11 days!

iowa will welcome you with wide open arms...though i'm sure it's not as sunny and delightful as portland.

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