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how to catch a bike thief

1. find sliced-through bike lock with no sign of bike.
2. cry a little. take the bus home.
3. file police report.
4. observant boyfriend finds suspiciously similar bike for sale on craigslist 4 days later.
5. call police. holiday. crap. keep calling. call more police. call police in the city the bike was stolen and the city it's now for sale. stop police on the street to get advice. call some more. finally get a hold of someone who tells you what you need to do next.
6. have bf call the craigslist number and act like he's interested in buying the bike. send brave, even-tempered bf to check it out to make sure it's the stolen bike. be impressed at said even-tempered boyfriend's ability to not punch the guy in the face.
7. call police, give them directions and a description. then wait. wait some more. try to think of something else. go thrifting. go buy some cupcakes.
8. get call from police saying you can come pick up your bike - !!!
9. pat yourselves on the back. eat a cupcake. buy huge-ass bike lock.

ps - apparently there was a warrant out on this guy because according to the sheriff's office website his bail is set at $50,000. yessssssssss

i'm seriously cheering out loud (really loud!)
for you right now.
you know how much you rock,
don't you?
you must.
i'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!

i saw these crazy huge tow-truck chains on everyone's bikes
in i get it.

this. is. awesome.


way to go!!!! i've had a few bikes stolen and i wish i could have had that outcome!
such persistence!

OMG....I love this story so much but I really don't know how you did not punch the guy in the face but I am glad you didn't....congratulations.
I love stories like husband is a cyclist...rides to work and back everyday and he has some serious bike locks too!!! :)

Cori I am so, so happy to hear that!

that's RIGHT! don't mess with my sista, criminals!

Good work.

I'm so glad you caught him! This is such a funny post even thought i know it was an unfortunate situation. Genious!

Seriously, Cori, that is so awesome. I can't believe you actually got it back. That is amazing!

Great blog, great pictures, stories, hair, Have you ever seen the old Italian movie the Bicycle Thief?
I lived in the Netherlands for almost 10 years...The land of many bikes, bikes everywhere, bikes stolen, hundreds of 'dead' bikes discovered in the canals..worth googling for entertainment..

that is a fantastic story
and i am so happy for you!!

boo to bike thieves.

I saw a guy with one of those chains around his neck as he got off his bike to lock it up. First thought, "That's a heavy lock!" Second thought, "Nobody's getting that lock off."

Last, awesome detective work and glad you got it back!

Oh, what a great story. Thanks for sharing that. I love when justice is served!!! Good for you!

This is how some bicyclists in Los Angeles handled a bike stolen from a student at the University of Southern California.

Hey Cori!

I love that you read my blog...I'm guilty as charged of reading your journal as well :) How are things? I hope all is well out West! You're etsy pages are fabulous--I'm envious of your craftiness. Seriously, I turn a slight shade of green each time I view your creations.

Hope you're doing well!

way to go, columbos!

glad you have your bike back - and have a happy ending to share!

Way to go! Congratulations to you! Sounds like your bf just might be a keeper. ;)

cori- way to go sister! crazy story! love ya

Wow, your struggle to find the bike you are missing is not in vain. I am very impressed with your spirit. This is a fantastic story.

Your best deterrent is a U-Lock. Chains are much easier to cut through despite how tough they look.

I just had my beloved bike stolen last night. It felt so very awful. I was brutally slapping myself this morning with rage and self-loathing. Then I came to work and looked up bike thieves, and I saw your article. I realized that this happens to many good people. Take you, who spreads nothing but love and beauty around. I am now actually feeling blessed for my misfortune. I found your website! Everything in it is absolutely lovely and enchanting. Thank you for being in this world. Congratulations on your baby. What a lucky baby!

P.S. I feel so good knowing that you got your thief!

Catching a thief might be something terrible for a common person but not for a cop. Actually we must have environment around as that no people think about stealing anything from others. We must educate our society ethically to stop such incidents and also we need to take needy people along with us so that they could not think negative.

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