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jan17 polaroid liz james.jpg

but he just took polaroids of her smile in the light

i know my timing sucks (or maybe it's ironically appropriate), but i love my polaroid cameras. the sx-70 matt got me this past holiday was my favorite present (tied with the my so-called life box set). i love how it folds down flat. i love its amazing depth of field. i love pulling the empty film cartridge out and shoving a new one in. i love the looks people give you (either the "ok crazy lady" look or the "sweet, an old school polaroid!" look). i love looking through the viewfinder and then focusing and then... whoosh! a lovely little photo pops out! ok it's not a photo yet, gotta wait a minute. well, two minutes. ok, go do something else for a bit... there, a lovely little photo! now, will someone *please* keep making polaroid film???

i'm selling postcards of some of my favorite photos on my shop, check them out if only for the cute (if i do say so myself) photo styling. :)

Your postcards are sooo cute!! I love them and just wanted to tell you:)

love your polaroids. please, please let someone make polaroid film. i will just die. for now we must stock pile.

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Too odd to see that you have so much different eye to visualize things and i am sure this odd nature will help you to move on in your life.I am also sure about the logical things that you want to share here but first of all you must practice to capture photos with different angels.

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its a great smile light. i really wish to smile like her.
Run 3
Run 4

great smile with awesome expressions. Run 4

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