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graceful in the morning light

had a lovely week-long visit with my sister and niece (ok, lovely besides poor little roe falling down 15 hardwood stairs despite the stupid child gate, and a nasty little stomach bug for everyone else). made it out to the coast for a gorgeous day at the beach (you know it's a good time when you leave covered in sand and red licorice ;) love those girls, es was such a trooper despite being 8 months pregnant, and roe just brings joy to every single person she meets.

been listening to the new fleet foxes album constantly: i predict it's going to be the soundtrack to my summer. plus it reminds me of the movie almost famous for some reason (one of my absolute favorites).

wanted to say thanks for all the kind comments about the polaroid book. i've been thinking about how grateful i am to everyone who has believed in me and what i do, sometimes even before i believed in myself. jen contacted me when i'd only been taking polaroids for a few months, and i see people on flickr every day who i think maybe should've been in the book instead of me, but i'm so thankful to her for seeing my potential and including me in such an amazing group of artists, it's an honor.

have a gorgeous weekend!

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