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don't look for love in faces, places, it's in you, that's where you'll find kindness

sometimes i can't tell if i really have the most awesome life ever or if i'm just really good at appreciating the little things. right now i'm loving:

- cherries. CHERRIES!!!!!!! i pretty much od on cherries all summer so i forget how ridiculously good they are when they come back in season. and they're good for you too, my dream food!!!

- emily's life=art week on her colorful, inspiring blog

- the new flight of the conchords album (and this video). they were actually playing across the street from our hotel in minneapolis two days after we left (and of course they're not coming to portland). oh well, next time.

- my grateful journal. it's such a nice way to remember all the lovely things that happened that day, and to end the day on a good note. even if it's just something as simple as "thankful for ibuprofen" :)

- son of rambow (i *love* creative, fun movies!!)

- hanging out with my husband. the last few months have been pretty crazy with traveling, it's been so nice to just be together. (ps - last weekend was our 12 year being together anniversary - !!!! and of course we were 2000 miles apart)

yep, life pretty much rocks.

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