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better be prepared to be surprised

so much to catch up on!
- iowa was... iowa. so ridiculously cold and miserable i started questioning my sanity after a week. and you know the part in the wizard of oz when it goes from black and white to color? that's how i felt coming back. seriouisly. iowa = dingy snow "white", sand/salt grey, tree bark brown. portland = literally every color of the rainbow (for reals, my neighbor's yard has blue flowers). thank goodness for my family, otherwise i suspect i really would've gone insane.

- i'm going to london next week!!!! i know, i definitely haven't been traveling enough recently, right? if all goes as planned i'll have 2 days to get ready for artfest (!!) but i can't wait. plus matt and i get to go *together* (what a concept!).

- i've been listening constantly to the soundtrack for dan in real life by sondre lerche. love it (plus the movie is good too).

- been meaning to mention a couple blogs i've fallen in love with recently: perfectbound by julie and kathryn from winnipeg (love their inspiring style), my polaroid blog by jen gotch (the talented danske on flickr), and everything by the amazing jen altman (fieryeyed on flickr): her gorgeous blog nectar and light, her shop, even her little girl's adorable blog! just lovely. which leads me to...

- for the love of light, a book jen is putting together coming out this summer that i am *so* honored to be a part of. included are some of my favorite photographers: eshu, maditi, fernanda and the lovely miss jenny vorwaller to name a few. so exciting! be sure to join the mailing list for more info.

- two last quick things: my friend stuart davis has a new album coming out next tuesday and one of my favorite songs of his *ever* is in the new owen wilson movie drillbit taylor opening tomorrow. so excited for him!!! he's on tour so if you're in the midwest be sure to check him out.

- and finally, i put more heart garlands up in my shop, as well as some cute flags made from vintage postcards. ok, hopefully all this made up for me not posting much recently. :)

i've been listening to the same soundtrack and you're right, it's pretty great. my BF and I tried to rent the movie last week but it was sold-out at every single video rental place in town (that's 5 places!). so so jealous of your london trip. have fun!

london! wow cori you are so lucky to be able to travel so much. I have to admit I am a bit jealous. You get to have so many beautiful adventures, I guess I will just have to live vicariously through you! =) Enjoy your trip!!

congrats on being part of the book. it looks like it is gonna be great. have fun in london and at artfest. (i'm jealous)

iowa is soo cold, but i'm really glad you came! it was fun to hang out with you.

i totally get the wizard of oz imagery--you are so right!

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