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always starting over but somehow i always know where to begin

do you ever feel like just when you're making progress in certain areas you're totally losing grip on others? i've been so excited about organizing my studio (apparently a never-ending process) and making new goodies for the shop, then i look around and realize my inbox is overflowing, i haven't taken any photos in days, the house is a mess, my roots are atrocious, it's almost *may*... but at least i'm feeling productive! ;)

my friend jade informed me that my vintage postcard flags made the etsy front page last week - my first time! (if you're interested there's just one set left!) pretty cool.

that middle pic is one of my favorite polas ever, i was *this close* to putting it in the book. you can read more about that amazing crack here (and see a close up here).

ps - thanks to cory at sweet petula for the lovely post! :)

Oh yes! Very much so. Now that nicer weather has finally arrived I've been working outside, which means that the internal stuff slides, or I have to work on the creative side of things after the kids are in bed, and then until well after midnight to get things done!

Oh, and don't talk to me about the hair! I DON'T have highlights! (I'm hoping to multiplex and get a bathroom clean after I put the colouring in this weekend.) ;-)

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